Ice Age Village Hack Acorns Coins Silver/Blue Coins for iOS/Android

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Ice Age Village
Ice Age Village Hack for the new generation gamers who love to play comedy adventure

Ice Age Village is a building and rearing diversion from fox digital entertainment and Gameloft for cell phones. Join every one of the characters you know and love from the enlivened film arrangement in their next experience, where you’ll have to construct new homes for ancient animals, and in addition offer them some assistance with breeding. Tackling these undertakings can appear to be overpowering, however with Gamezebo’s fast begin guide you’ll have the greater part of the tips and deceives you have to begin. Some time you need the Ice Age Village Hack to play the game in unlimited mode.


  • To get playing Ice Age Village, you’ll have to download it first by tapping on the „Play Now” catch at the highest point of this page. Once you’ve downloaded the application, you can simply ahead and tap on its symbol to get playing.
  • The first time you stack the diversion, you will be requested to upgrade it. This will take a couple of minutes to finish, so simply be understanding.

Rules to play the game

  • Now that the conventions are off the beaten path, you can get to playing! You’ll be acquainted with Manny, Sid and companions while you offer them some assistance with building new homes.
  • Ice Age Village has 4 instalment strategies: coins, oak seeds, silver tokens and hearts.
  • Coins are anything but difficult to get. Oak seeds however are very uncommon. You require them to finish certain families for accomplishments. Spend them admirably! When you are level 2, you can get a snow fox for nothing. Press Sid (sloth) 4 times and Manny (mammoth) 3 times without hitting something else. You can do this as well if that you are a larger amount, yet is will be more hard to not hit something else in the middle.
  • If that you don’t have enough coins or oak seeds to get a development, however despite everything you’re out of space, you can secure the families/fun stuff that give you the minimum coins and supplant them with better ones. This will offer you some assistance with getting more coins to grow. You can simply supplant the things later. They’re put away in your Inventory in „Accumulations.”
  • New accumulations are added while renaming your town to the above codes. You are offered everything to finish them. You just need to purchase the second parent and rearing the 2 babies. There are no accomplishments for them however I would suggest you complete those accumulations as will be recompensed 10 oak seeds.

Play the game with your friends

Welcome your friends to play and make new ones on the Ice Age Village gatherings. Once they’ve begun, you can stop by their towns and „like” their helpful work day by day. You will give them notoriety focuses and treats just by saying you think their town is amazing! Also, as their notoriety improves, their blessings show signs of improvement as well. Search for Ice Age Village Hack in the internet to enjoy the game without any interruption.
Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village Hack

Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village Hack Proof 1

Ice Age Village Hack Proof 2

Ice Age Village Hack Proof 3

Ice Age Village

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Ice Age Village

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